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Scarlett Rat Entertainment is available to produce your next function or event.  We provide scalable entertainment options to fit almost every budget.  Looking for an emcee to host an awards dinner, a trio of musicians to provide background music, or an entire Rennaisance royal court to preside over a company picnic?  Scarlett Rat has the experienced entertainers for both staged and interactive events.

We specialize in themed interactive performances, where performers interact with guests in a completely improvised characterization.  Using improvisational acting techniques, period costuming, and regional accents and dialogue, our performers create characters that your guests can interact with.  Pricing for an event is determined by the type and level of entertainer you need.  We break our performers in to three categories:

Atmosphere - costumed performers who will attend the event.  They may be used as greeters or ushers.  Atmosphere performers will interact with attendees, but will not address the general group or conduct staged performances.  Pricing starts at $125 per performance hour.

Principle - costumed performers who provide focused entertainment at the event.  Principle performers will serve as emcees, hosts, guests of honor, or other named characters.  They will conduct staged performances or vingettes through the event; such as roasting an honoree, providing themed meeting breaks, or conducting a full production show.  Pricing starts at $250 per performance hour.

Talent - musicians and other special entertainers, such as jugglers or clowns.  Talent performers can be retained to provide background music during an event, or serve as an interlude between activities.  Musicians are available as soloists, pairs and ensembles, including both singers and instrumentalists.  Pricing starts at $150 per performance hour (subject to availability)

A Sample Event:

ACME Company wants entertainment for its annual Directors party, where stockholders can meet the Board of Directors.  They decide on a Roaring Twenties theme, and retain two atmosphere performers to meet attendees at the door, a musician to provide background music, and three principle performers to do a sketch which will introduce each of the Board members to the shareholders.  It is a three hour event.  Pricing would include the six performers, costuming, and the development of the introductory sketch.

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