Dickens Christmas in Skaneateles
Scarlett Rat Entertainment has provided the interactive characters for the Dickens Christmas in Skaneateles celebration since the 2000 holiday season.  Conducted weekend afternoons between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is a Victorian street party, complete with Queen Victoria, Charles Dickens, Ebeneezer Scrooge, Jacob Marley, and a variety of other recognizable characters and names.

some pictures reproduced from Skaneateles.com

The centerpiece of each day is a Town Revel, where all the characters come together to conduct a sing-along of holiday favorites.  This thirty minute event is bookended by various special performances, guest artists, and a chance for shoppers to meet all the various characters out on the streets of Skaneateles, NY.

For more information on the Dickens Christmas in Skaneateles event, visit the Skaneateles Area Chamber of Commerce site.

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